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19+ Years Making Pure Mild Soaps

Now in our 19th year, our primary product is still Ultimate Safflower bar soap. It is the ultimate in high lather, low odor soap and has truly attained a neutral scent! The diminished aroma this soap has attained is unsurpassed, and its simplicity is transcendent. We use only two premium vegetable oils in our soap (Non-GMO Safflower and Palm Kernel Oils (which is extracted using natural heat without any use of chemical solvents). Palm Kernel Oil is derived from a tree that is not just a different species of tree from the Coconut Palm, but it is actually a different genus of plant: Elaeis is the genus (as compared to the Coconut Palm where Cocos is the genus).

. (Safflower oil is made from the seeds of the Safflower plant. Click here to see a picture and to learn more about the Safflower plant.)

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