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  • Hi Stuart, Yes, everything was perfect, as usual. T he soap showed up very quickly and I am very happy with the product. I first learned about AZ Sungold Soap by doing an internet search. I was trying to find unscented, chemical-free lotions and shampoo for a family member who was pregnant at the time. (She is not chemically-sensitive, but I was just trying to find her safe products to use... free of phthalates, etc... but also free of essential oils that might be safe for her but might not be safe for the fetus).... but I wound up finding great products for myself as well! (I have some chemical sensitivities). Sorry for the long-winded answer, but yes it showed up very quickly and I am happy with the soap. Thanks,

  • Hello, Yes I received my order in a timely manner. I have been happy w/ both the bar soap and shampoo products. I am still having some itchiness but symptoms are improving. I have had allergies to perfumes and dyes for many years but recently became sensitive to preservatives in my hypoallergenic products. I learned about AZ Sungold by searching the net looking to understand my symptoms and find some relief. I will likely purchase more of your products when my supply runs out.

  • Thanks. The order was received in a timely fashion. I found AZ Sungold on the internet when looking for soap for the chemically sensitive. It works well for me, and my husband, who is not chemically sensitive, likes it as well.

  • Hi Thanks. Everything is fine thanks. Found you on the internet.

  • Hello Yes, everything is OK. I received the order in time, the product is good. I found AZ Sungold Soap oin Google. Kind regards


  • > Did you receive your order in a timely fashion? Yes. Met and exceeded my expectations. Your soap is AWESOME. I will be buying lots more. My only complaint is that it doesn't knock out body odor as well as I would like it to. It's still OK in that department. I am male, maybe males are smellier? Overall it's great! GREAT! It doesn't dry my skin out, actually it seems to be moisturizing, I can shower with it 3 times a day (necessary in the Turkish steam bath that is Florida in July-August if you are not in the A/C 24-7), it's very gentle, it lathers well, it cleans. Really I'm very happy. And perfume and dye free! That's important to me. I am one of the refugee outcasts abandoned by Procter & Gamble when they discontinued their Pure & Natural soap, they only soap I could find that was fairly neutral and natural (somewhat) and still a basic soap. Procter & Gamble claims they replaced Pure & Natural with Basic Soap, but that's horse-manure! The replacement reeks of perfume. Yuck! YUCK! I went looking on the internet for a new soap. After a while on Google I came across your web site. I like the fact you concentrate on only a few products. All those other sites that sell 50 different flavors and scents of natural soap I don't trust. Just make one thing and make it well. One thing I would like to see is some pictures of your factory and offices on your website. I would also like to see more detail on how you actually make your soap. I don't expect you to reveal your manufacturing process and exact ingredients/recipe, but I would like more detail than what you have on their now. I think you have to use lye to make soap, is that accurate? There is no mention that you use lye on your website. I imagine there have to be one or two more ingredients you are not mentioning -- you only mention safflower and palm kernel oils. You have a general discussion on how soap is made, but _I_ want to know how you make your soap -- the one I buy and shower with. you have a good product -- good job.
  • Chris

  • hi----i have been using your soap for years and telling all my friends about it. i love it !!!! i am allergic to fragrance and would love to have some of the hotels i stay in use your soap instead of the stinky, smelly,chemical fragrance soaps that they currently use. i plan to go to the solage resort in calistoga, ca. http://www.solagecalistoga.com/ in a few weeks and will be talking to them about their green products. i would love to mention your soap---do you have commercial rates for them---what kind of packaging would you have for them to put in their suites etc. would someone call me to discuss this? thanks,

  • I have been trying soaps for twenty years and your safflower soap is absolutely wonderful. I also love your lip balm. (I have severe EI and have a really hard time finding things that I can use.) Order was received in a timely fashion. I think I saw an ad in Our Toxic Times. I would very much like to be able to purchase your soap odds and ends. I hope that you get more in stock soon. Thanks,

  • Thanks. I received the soap very quickly and I love it. It's great on my skin and my husband liked it as well. He said it really stopped his body odor.

  • Thanks for your interest. I got the soap with no problem. My son is allergic to soap or possibly some stuff put in it in the manufacturing process. He said that it seems to be better than usual and that he has only had one outbreak of a rash since using your soap.. I did a search on the internet and found your site.
    Thank you, Larry

  • Found out the hard way that palm is definitely related to coconut

  • Yes, I like the bar soap a lot. It does not irritate sensitive areas.

  • Yes, I got it on time. It works great. I found your product by browsing the internet.

  • Yes, I received my order in a timely fashion. I really like the soap because there is absolutely no odor, which is one of the things I have trouble with. It is also not a drying as other so called unscented soaps I have tried. I learned about your soap by surfing the internet looking for unscented products. Thanks so much.

  • I am thrilled with your AZ Sungold bar soap. I am chemically sensitive and have been searching for a bar soap that I can tolerate and that my family will also enjoy! I first learned about AZ Sungold Soap thru the monthly newspaper "Toxic Times" published by CIIN. Thank you for your prompt service!
    Sincerely, Sandra

  • Stuart: So finally, I got to try the soap. I am pleased with it. I don't think I am allergic to perfume but I really don't like it in a personal soap. I've been experimenting to find something I like almost as much as Clinique, for a much lower price. Regular use of your soap will enable me to ascertain how long it lasts. Some soaps seem to just melt away! I purchased enough to fill my needs for some time though. I think it was/is a good value.
    Regards, Glenn

  • Everything is great. I received the soap promptly. Yes, the soap is fine. I can't remember where I heard about your fragrance-free soap. My son and I are chemically sensitive, and we tolerate your soap well. Thanks for a great product!

  • Hi Stuart. Thanks for your prompt reply. Your service is as good as the soap, and that is terrific.

  • Yes, I received your soap in a timely fashion. Also, it really is odor and fragrance free. I have had some itching of my skin so maybe you can tell me what that might be. Thank You.

  • Everything is quite OK. I love this soap and will continue ordering. It always arrives in a timely fashion for which I'm very appreciative. I learned about this soap from a newsletter I receive called Our Toxic Soap. Thanks for your dedication.

  • Everything was great, thank you.
    Paul and Kimberly

  • Hi again Stuart, Oh, and your soap is the best soap-- I absolutely love it!
    Best regards, Anne

  • Yes, I received the product in a timely manner. I really like the soap--I have some issues with eczema(eyelid and other places) and recently developed a lip allergy to something(still unknown) and was told to avoid soaps with fragrances. With the lip problem, some soaps have stung them when I washed my face, and since I don't know what I'm allergic to, I tried to find a soap with the fewest ingredients. I can use your soap to wash my face, and even my eyelids to get mineral makeup off, and I have had no problems. I am pleased with it. I have tried the bar soaps, but not the liquid soap yet. I found your site by doing a search on google for fragrance-free soaps. Thanks! I plan to order again.

  • Yes, we received it in a timely fashion. (Although the mail carrier left it on the doorstep when we were away from the house. Thank you for the super wrapping job you did.) Yes, it met with out expectation. (Well, we haven't actually used any of this batch of soap, but we have always been satisfied with your product.) I really don't remember where we first heard of you, but we've been using your soap for several years now.

  • Hi, Yes, your soap arrives very quickly. Your soap is "the bomb", it is the best soap I have ever used. I've always had a skin rash and it is almost gone after using your soap for 2 weeks. Amazing. Also I like that this "ultimate safflower soap" does't dry my skin; it feels normal. I like the no scent-which keeps my skin clean and sweet smelling-like safflowers. I was just surfing the net for safflower oil and your website came up--that's how I found your soap. Best regards,

  • Dear Stuart Yes, I received the order very fast and well packaged. I find the soap wonderful, this is what I was looking for since a few years. I just found AZ Sungold Soap using an Internet serach engine (Google). I will be in the US either end of February or in August, and I will place another order, as it will be much cheaper than getting it shipped to Switzerland. Kind regards

  • Hi Stuart I well received the soap bars yesterday. I like this soap very much. Thank you and kind regards

  • Y'all Rock! I received my order yesterday and found the items to be as advertised. The price was fair, the shipping timely and the little soap save as cute as it can be. You are on my recommended list of internet businesses. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

  • Hi there!! Did you receive your order in a timely fashion?Very!! Did the product meet your expectations?(This request is sent out following all new purchases made in a particular month.)yes as always....though we haven't tried the liquid...haven't needed it How did you first learn about AZ Sungold Soap? internet while looking for scentless soaps...do you realize how hard it is and how fortunate I am for finding you??

  • May I say that my order was delivered much quicker than I expected. My search for soap may have been resolved (and it has been a long and tedious search). Having only used the soap one time, the verdict is still out, but so far so good. My question is this. As you use no preservatives in your soap bars (and that's a good thing), and as safflower oil has a short shelf life, how should I store the bars which are not in use? In the fridge? In the freezer? Plastic bag okay? Store them in the foil they came in? Love the soap saver and will "save it" as I have a wooden shelf that I can utilize for now. I feel you have put a lot of care into your soaps and that is impressive. Your website contains a plethora of information which has been most helpful as well.
    Sincerely, Susanne

  • Hi StuartóGreat soap!! I found you on the Tuscon MCS list. I am very sensitive, and the soap works well for me from that perspective, but also beyond that, it is just a smooth rich soap! Thank you.

  • LOVE your products!!!!!! They are about the only shampoo, soaps and body lotion I can use since I am allergic to coconut derived additives which are in everything. I don't itch anymore. Thank you so much for making such great products. They also are delivered in a timely manner which is appreciated. I am one VERY satisfied customer.

  • Hi- Thanks for the follow up. Yes it was sent here very promptly. And we love your soap. Being chemically sensitive, it is very difficult to find soaps I can tolerate. Yours has no fragrance and I have no problem using it. Itís really great and a relief to find a hand soap I can use. I learned about it on my MCS Board, called MCS Survivors. (a on line community of people with multiple chemical sensitivity). Thanks for the great product! If I were you, Iíd market this more on MCS sites and in MCS publications. I donít think that many MCS people know about it but they should.

  • Thank you SOOOO much for making such great soaps!!! I have had problems with contact dermatitis for over 2 years on my neck and scalp and nothing I tried worked until I used your soap and shampoo base. I am itch free at last and loving it! I'm going to tell everyone about you guys.

  • Everything's great! Love the soap and thanks for the sample!

  • Thank you for my order, which was received in a timely manner as always :) It continues to meet my needs.

  • Yes, the soap arrived on time (although I was in the hospital so it had to wait a week in a post office box before I could retrieve it)....It's a good product. You may expect more orders from me, when I finish the bars I have now. (I am still using the first one that I opened). Thanks!
    E. M.

  • Yes, I'm very pleased with your product. Thank you,

  • Everything was great. Very fast shipping and I will be placing another order soon. Thanks!

  • We did receive it in a timely fashion, it does meet our expectations very well. We first learned about it from our chiropractor. Thanks!

  • yes we are very pleased with the soap and it did come in a timely manner.

  • Yes, I received my order in a very timely fashion. I ordered the scraps of bar soap which definitely met my expectations. I also ordered the shampoo and it didn't meet my expectations because it didn't seem to rinse off, I felt like I had a residue after using it for several different shampoos. I learned about AZ Sungold through "Our Toxic Times" and safer travel directory - I love the bar soap - I will order it again.

  • Yes, I got it in a timely fashion and it works great. Thanks.

  • I've been using this soap for quite some time now and I am most satisfied. I learned about this soap from the newsletter Our Toxic Times. I'll continue to use this soap as it meets all my expectations. Thank you for this product.

  • Hello, The product came to me in a timely fashion. I have used this soap before and it meets my expectations and then some. THank you for such an outstanding formula.

  • Thanks for your follow up. Yes, I received my order in a timely fashion and the products that I have ordered meet my expectations. Iíve placed a second order for 1 product, tried a new product (shampoo) and am going to order some more bar soaps. Your products are great and your service is excellent. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for sending my order of 25 bars of soap so quickly. We absolutely love this product. I also use the pump liquid soap in my 3rd grade classroom and it is wonderful! My husband and I are trying to avoid the use of plastic in our home, therefore, I did not request the soap drainage dish. I was wondering if you could send us one just to try it out, since we definitely need some kind of a drainage system for this soap. Thank you,

  • Thank you for following up. We are very pleased on all counts. The soap arrived more quickly than we had expected, and we can't say enough good things about your soap. It is all we will use now for body washing. The sheer purity of AZ Sungold Soap makes this the best body soap on the market. We have tried other pure oil soaps, such as olive oil soap, but they don't feel as "light" on the skin when washing. Your soap rinses without any feeling of residue. We just love it. We've been searching a long time for a soap like yours and are thrilled to have found it. Nirvana Safe Haven turned us on to your product. Thank you again,
    Paul and Kimberly

  • Yes, everything was okay, I don't remember specifics, but I do know the order was delivered in a very timely fashion. If I remember correctly, I placed the order on a Monday, and was concerned because we were leaving that Saturday morning to go on vacation. If the order arrived after we left it would sit on our doorstep until we got back. It was shipped the next day, and we received it a couple of days later - well before we left town. As always, the soap met our expectations. That's why we continue to purchase it. My wife has many allergies, fragrance being one of the biggies. We used to use Ivory soap, but she can no longer tolerate the small amount of fragrance they use. (At least, that's the only reason we can come up with to explain why she can't tolerate it any more.) Thank you for your product. It has been a real lifesaver.

  • Hi, I received my order. The soap is amazing and immedietely replaced all others in the house. Thanks

  • Yes, thank you for checking. I love your products!!

  • I receive my order and love the soap as always.

  • I received my order quickly. I have been using AZ Sungold soap for a while now and it definitely meets my expectations. Thanks for a great product.

  • everything is fine---love your soap thanks

  • Thanks for letting me know my latest order is on the way! Looking forward to receiving new products to try. I am extremely pleased with the AZ Sungold bar of soap. I have found it very comfortable to use on my face. And I actually daily mix up a single-use batch of the soap lather with pure baking soda to wash/exfoliate my skin. Works great to cleanse and also to buffer the baking soda. Skin is looking good too! The bar soap is also nice to use in bath. I also like the original liquid soap for hand washing. Happy Holidays! Best,

  • Hi, Thank you. You have a wonderful product and it was easy to order and was delivered in a timely fashion. These days, it's really great to find a company that does exactly as promised! Thanks again,

  • Certainly. The order arrived just a few days after I placed it. Your site was easy to use. Please know that I sought your product on google under "unscented soap." I am pregnant and cannot tolerate fragranced soap of any kind. It is very common in pregnancy for strong scent to cause nausea and vomiting. You may want to consider advertising your product on websites about pregnancy; I am certain that many other women with my aversion to smells would be interested in purchasing products from you. Best wishes for your continued success,

  • Yes, everything is great and my order came very quickly. I am always satisfied with your products.

  • yes, stuart, the soap got here very quickly. thanks! and it also is my absolute favorite... bar none. lol... just a little soap joke for you. :) regards,

  • The shampoo did not work for my hair, but I LOVE the soap! Delivery was perfect and on time. Thank you!

  • Hi. I did receive the products and everythingís great as always. Thanks.

  • (1) Excellent delivery time. (2) Good quality soap. (3) Good price.

  • Thank you so much for my order which I received in a prompt manner. I am pleased so far with my purchase, I have MCS and it has become increaseingly hard to find a soap to use. A product I was using has been discontinued, so I had to find something. I couldn't wait to try it out, so far so good, my skin feels subtle and calm a good sound. Please don't change the ingredients, I love it so far. Thanks again.

  • yes, I did, and yes, it does. Thank you,

  • Hi, Your product is superb and your service was great. Need I say more? We will be back. Thanks,

  • Hello Stuart, Yes, I received the soap in a timely fashion. I have very much been enjoyoing the soap. It works very well as a shampoo. thanks for the great product!

  • Everything is great and I received my soap in a timely manner. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to becoming a regular customer. Thank you again.

  • Hello: I just wanted to check in with you to see if everything was okay. GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT PRODUCT! Did you receive your order in a timely fashion? YES Did the product meet your expectations? VERY MUCH SO. WE LOVE YOUR SOAP.

  • I love the soap.

  • Everything went fine. Great product. Thanks.

  • Yes, the order was received in a timely fashion and I am satisfied with the soap Thank you,

  • Yeah, the bar soap is great! The soap savers aren't so bad that I'd not want them, I am sure they will outgass one of these days : ) They didn't seem to contaminate the soap, so that's the main thing. Thanks

  • I got my soap without much of a wait. The soap was as expected - I got a couple bars as a sample, so I've used it for several months now. This is my first full order. I like AZ Sungold Soap better than any of the other unscented, specialty soaps I've tried, so I will keep using it and giving it to friends.

  • To Whom It May Concern: I would like to congratulate you on such fantastic products. I am definitely a customer for life. My wife and I made the switch because of skin issues, and we have seen better results than I have expected. We are going to expand into your lotions and body-wash next order. Thank You Very Much

  • Hi Stuart, Yeah, the bar soap is great! The soap savers aren't so bad that I'd not want them, I am sure they will outgass one of these days : ) They didn't seem to contaminate the soap, so that's the main thing. Thanks.

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  • Hello Stuart, I am happy to report that everything is great. We received the order very promptly and am extremely pleased with the product. I had purchased it as a gift for my boyfriend who has very sensitive skin and many allergies. He says that being a hypoallergenic soap, it obviously meets the requirment of being natural and non-irritating to his skin. But, he says that his favorite thing about your soap (and this he specifically wanted me to mention), is that unlike many other natural soaps that dry out the skin, it keeps his skin hydrated. Thanks for a great product!

  • Yes , I received the order in a timely fashion. I loved the soap. No scents.

  • Hello Stuart, Thanks for your detailed response, it was very helpful. The AZ Sungold Ultimate Safflower is the only bar soap I have found that I can use. I'll be sure to ask for a few irregulars along with my next bar soap order. I have been using AFM SafeChoice Head and Body Shampoo for my liquid dish soap and laundry since contracting MCS three years ago. AFM contains water, SLES (less toxic than SLS), cocamide MEA (less toxic than cocamide DEA), and citric acid. The problem for me is the citric acid. AFM has changed to source their citric acid from oranges - which I react strongly to.
    Thanks, Doug

  • Received everything fine...soap is great. Thankyou.

  • Yes, I received my order on time and am very pleased with your soap product. Thanks for asking and for your follow up.

  • Great! I really like your products, and I even gave your link to a coworker today.
    Thanks, Greg

  • All good. Thanks!

  • Hello, I most certainly received my order in a timely fashion. I absolutely love this soap and will continue to order it. Thank you for your dedication.

  • yes, our order came in very quickly after we sent in the order and the soap is wonderful.

  • Hi, Yes, every thing was terrific with the order. It arrived in just a few days. The only problem is that for some reason, I received this request in triplicate! We really love your soap! It''s the best one we have found! Thank you,

  • Yes, we love the soap. Yes. It is a great product. Thank you so much for caring.

  • Yes - it has been that long. I started using your soap again and my facial swelling was GONE in 2 days! I'm still trying to find something non-irritating to brush my teeth with. Tried baking soda, but that has aluminum in it - and I am incredibly sensitive to that. Sometimes I use your soap...it actually does a good job. I know it's not for teeth brushing, but it still has to be a lot safer than anything sold commercially. God bless you so much for the work you do!

  • Hi, I did receive the soap. I bought it because I experience Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Ė the soap made me very sick. I would like a refund, if possible as I had to throw it out.

  • Hi, Stuart Sorry I took so long to reply to your message, we have been out of town on vacation. We received our order very quickly, just a couple of days after we placed the order. We are very pleased with the Safflower soap. My wife is extremely sensitive to perfumes, chemicals, etc. Your soap is the only soap we have found that is truly unscented. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  • i am too sensitive to smell to use your soap and need to return 2 of the unused bars i ordered. i do not see an order number on my paypal receipt. please let me know how to return these items.
    thank you, kennedy

  • Yes. Received and exceeded expectations. Have given several bars away to friends also and shown them your web site.

  • Got it. The soap is OK, but is a bit oily and doesn't froth vefry well. But I didn't expect that much. Thanks for asking.

  • Hi there, Yes, you're service is excellent. I especially appreciate that you took time to wrap my soap in foil as I requested. Thank you. I don't tolerate your soap, as I am extremely sensitive and I'm not finding any soap I can use. But yours is the least fragrant I can find and my son uses it and I can tolerate him using it the house.
    Sincerely Cynthia

  • Yes, receipt was very fast and I love the soap. It is the least smelling and most sudsy fragrance-free soap out there so far. I usually use Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Unscented or Tom's of Maine Unscented, but AZ Sungold Soap seems to last longer and definitely does not have all of the extra herbal smells as the others do, leaving no "afersmell" on the skin or the clothes. I will order again!
    Thanks, Laureen

  • thanks for checking - order received in perfect condition. i have used the soap for several years now and have been very satisfied. at my office (chiropractor) i recommend the soap to patients with sensitive skin and give them a bar to try and info on where to purchase. one young women in particular who has severe eczema noticed an improvement in symptoms when she switched.
    -thanks - michael

  • Thank you!!!! Your patience is incredible!!!

  • Thank you! We received the soap, and love it. It is fragrance-free, emolient, luxurious. Thank you!

  • Thank you for checking in with me. I did receive my order in a timely fashion and I love your soap.

  • Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I will spread the word about what a great company AZ Sungold Soap is to do business with.
    Thanks again and take care.

  • Everything is just fine. I like your soaps and lip balms! They arrived quickly and I am pleased.

  • Hello Everything is great, I received my order in a very timely fashion, and the product did meet with my expectations, thank you.

  • I got the order, thanks. The soap is working out fine for me.


  • Outstanding product. No smell, smooth and soft on the skin. Nothing harsh. No reaction whatsoever. I'm MCS. Thanks for making this soap. Peace.

  • Stuart, Thanks for the quick reply and accomodation. If only I could receive a fraction of the same courtesy from the rest of the world. I thought, probably because of the name AZ Sungold, that the bar soap was made from sunflower rather than safflower oil. The bars I bought about a year ago are very MCS tolerable. Was I simply mistaken and has it has always been safflower oil (which is fine) or has anything changed from a year ago? While I wish a bar lasted longer, the bar soap is excellent and I greatly appreciate your providing it and other unique products. I'm looking forward to more info on and the availability of the Not Shampoo (Level H). Glad to see it won't have soy.

  • I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and the Ultimate Safflower Bar Soap is perfect. The price is good. Don't change anything! Thank you.

  • I think your Safflower soap is great. In the last year and a half I became very sensitive to synthetic fragrances and went looking for a natural soap. Most "natural" soaps I came across still contained many chemicals. But when I found your soap I was very pleased. I use it for both soap and shampoo. I wouldn't change anything about it. Thanks for the great product!

  • Hello! My husband and I enjoy using your bar soap. I have not tried the liquid yet and would like to soon. Thank you.

  • like this soap better----i like the white color the other was yellow and had brown discolorations in it. i think this one is completely odor free.

  • Thanks, you guys are great. Keep up the good work!

  • Stuart, I received the 3 Ultimate Safflower soap bars and we love it! We are so happy to find a truly fragrance and chemical free smelling soap that is a good soap, too. As I wrote you before, I would encourage you to use the words "fragrance free" instead of "unscented" so folks like me with severe MCS would know. Now I am ready to order more for us, family, and friends and wondered about the shelf life if I buy in larger quantity and store. Will it dry out fairly rapidly? Any suggestions for storage? It would certainly be cheaper to buy in bulk. One more question: What about the liquid soap? Does it have the same ingredients as the bar soap, so it lacks all the smells? I forgot to look up info on your web site and don't want to lose this e-mail to you. Thanks for a great product.

  • Finally, a soap I can use - your ultimate safflower soap. I have tried almost every soap and shampoo listed for for the chemically sensitive - yours is the only one I have found usable.
    Thank you.

  • I recently ordered your safflower soap, great stuff! Thanks.

  • OK, I have placed my order few moments ago. AZ Sungold where great soap and great customer service can be found. Thanks AZ Sungold and Stuart!!
    ...Once again, your product is great. My nose knows scents only to well. Your product is scent free and lathers well and rinses clean.
    Thanks, Ron

  • Thank you for your very thorough response....it is rare that someone takes such an interest in their customers and their product. It's very much appreciated. I really enjoyed the education also. It's odd, I went through my entire life never even looking at soap ingredients, now I am putting every soap under a microscope. Well, thats what happens when you are so sick all the time, and finally find out you are exremely chemically sensitive...and soap was one of the big offenders. I got sick everytime I showered, went into a coma like state for 5 hours.... ever since eliminating supermarket soap this has not happened at all! No Dr. in the world would have figured this one out!! So hence my serach for the new soap that will save my life!!!!
    Bill G.
  • I have been using AZ Sungold Soap for about 2 weeks. It is the best product I have come across. I have been sensitive to most fragrances for many years. In addition, I am sensitive to many of even the mildest soaps. It has been a struggle. Sungold soap is the mildest soap I have ever come across, and in my estimation, is 99.99999% odor-free. I look foward to using it for many years to come. I have just ordered some for my father and my sister to try as they have the same sensitivity as I... Again, thanks for a Great Soap!
    ...I am a veterinarian in Orange, Ct. I am so sensitive to most fragrances and many chemicals that I usually cannot attend public functions. Crowded movies, weddings, bar mitzvah, Saturday night restaurants, homes with scented candles, pot pourri, taxis with "air fresheners", etc. etc. All employees at my office cooperate 100% in refraining from using scented personal products. Cleaning supplies in the office, pet shampoos used in the office, disinfectants, etc. etc. are all carefully screened for my ability to tolerate them. Clients are asked not to use fragrances. Everything adds up at the end of the day, and at least now I don't have to worry about my soap.

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  • Yes, our products arrived in a timely fashion. We've been doing business with you for about 2 years now. Thank you.

  • Stuart, Everything about my purchase was fine, although the PayPal portion was a bit confusing. The transaction left me wondering whether my credit card was adequate for the sale, or that I was in fact required to do something else. I received your order in a timely fashion. The product met my expectations, but I would have preferred 4.25Ē x 3.25Ē oval in lieu of the 3.00Ē x 2.00Ē rectangular. Three or four would have been okay, but a dozen was just too many. I was searching for a double-sided soap saver, and yoursí was the only one that was described as such. I have recommended your products to many of my friends.

  • We received our shipment. We have been buying soap savers from your company for about two years. Our orders always arrive promptly. Thank you for your great service!

  • Hello, Yes I received my order quickly and thank you for checking! I like these dishes a lot and have been ordering them for 3 years from you. :) By the way, I found a great service that I think would benefit you. It helps you to stay in touch with your clients and do follow ups such as this email you sent me, as well as find referrals. It's all done online and has automated options, yet still gives you that personal touch ... If you want to know more, Let me know and I'll give you a call! Sincerely,

  • I was very pleased not only with the quick delivery but the product also. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  • Everything was great!!!! Thank you.

  • Thanks for asking. The soap savers are just as represented and the shipment arrived very soon after being ordered. Based on the quality of the product and the service I received, I would order from AZ Sungold again. I operate a 12 unit apartment building which I am gradually changing over to short term rentals. Do you sell sample size products for short term guest's use? Sincerely,

  • As usual the shipping was fast and I'm very happy with the purchases! Thanks,

  • Yes, the order came quickly, was the right product, and I am satisfied with the whole process. Thank you,

  • Hello AZ Sungold Soap: Yes, I was pleased with my service, timely shipping and product (50 soap savers). I am glad that you listed on the Internet. I found you through Dogpile search engine. Thank You for you inquiry,

  • Yes, thanks. The soap savers were perfect and shipping was super speedy.

  • Thanks for checking. Transaction could not have been better. Nice product, fast shipping, great price and excellent communications. Keep up the good work.

  • Yes, everything with my purchase went great. The products arrived very quickly and they have lived up to my expectations. They were the only soap dishes I could find that fit onto the molded ledges of my shower. They were also a good deal, since I got 10 (I think) for the price of 1 soap dish at other places. Thanks so much

  • I received my order today, can't believe it. That was fast!!! The soap savers are perfect! They are just a bit smaller than my soap. If they sell, I will be ordering more.
    Thanks Deb

  • The soap savers have already arrived! Thank you for the personal attention in an often impersonal world! It is refreshing to experience it!
    The Devines

  • Thank you for taking care of this order so quickly. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  • The plastic soap savers I ordered from you arrived very quickly and in perfect condition, and they work great!

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  • HI Your service was great and I recieved the shipment soon after the order was placed. I wasn't really sure what to expect with the AZ Sungold Soaps. I found out about AZ Sungold Soap by doing a search on google for scent free soap. I can't stand perfume smells and also like using scent free soap for bowhunting so the deer don't smell me as much. I've always used ivory soap but thought I'd give this a try since there is a slight odor to ivory soap. I was disappointed that the AZ Sungold soap leaves a fairly strong vegetable oil odor on my skin after showering, a much stronger odor than the ivory soap leaves behind, which is almost nothing. The odor left behind by AZ Sungold soap doesn't bother me like perfumy smelling soaps, but I think it would be much more likely to spook deer than the ivory soap, so I've decided to use the ivory instead. Would you be willing to accept a return on an almost full jug of AZ Sungold soap? As soon as I got it, I just poured 2 or 3 ounces from the jug into a small plastic dispenser bottle, so I could return the jug as it was with only that amount missing. Otherwise, I have a huge jug of soap that I will probably never use. Thanks,

  • Hello, I received the soap in a timely fashion. In general I like the soap. The bar is a large for my hand. I found AZ Sungold by looking around on the web for soap with no additives and not containing olive oil. I have many allergies and chemical sensitivities. I only tried your soap because the web site listed the ingredients. I want soap that is only soponified oil, and preferably just one oil to which I am not allergic. Olive and nut oils are not options.

  • The soap works for me . Thank you.

  • Hi Stuart, The soap is great! I received the order less than one week after I ordered it which was really wonderful. I have food allergies to salicylates and corn and your soap is the only one that I found that does not have these ingredients. I am very, very pleased and relieved to have found this soap. I found out about your company through the internet. I was searching for information regarding my newly diagnosed food allergies and I did alot of searching to find corn-free and salicylate-free soap. I came upon your website during this search. I cannot thank you enough for offering this soap - I bet when the company was started no one realised that the soap could also be a godsend for someone with food allergies!! Given that it is very difficult to find products that are salicylate and corn free, I highly recommend that you use this as a selling point and that you have salicylate-free and corn-free tagged to your website so that every other person who suffers from these allergies can easily find your company and products. Also, if you think of branching out to other products, try shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. I will gladly buy them from you as well!!! Thanks once again!
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  • Hello AZ Sungold Soap! I received the soap quickly. I found it on the inter-net after having a problem with Kiss My Face soap. I have used it. I haven't gotten used to the smell yet but I know that will just take a little time. I do like the fact that the liquid soap will make suds which I didn't have before. I especially like the fact that you don't make scented soap so the problem with fragrances is void. That's what happened with Kiss My Face. I kept buying fragrance free soap that smells like lavender or some other scent and wasting a lot of money which none of us has to waste these days. Thanks you for making a good product. You will probably be hearing from me again.
    Thanks again, June

  • Everything was Great!!!!

  • I appreciate the opportunity to tell you just how much I do like your product. As for expectations - the soap far exceeds them. My hands are healed and no longer painful with blisters and itches from other soap products. Your soap is a Godsend and we are really appreciative of it. Thank you so very much.

  • Yes, received it quickly. The box was a little beat up from shipping but product was in fine shape. I love your liquid soap--can't find anything like it in stores (pure, free of scents, etc.).

  • Hello, My soap arrived in a very timely fashion. Thank you! I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to 'normal' soaps. So far it seems that I am able to use the AZ Sungold soap without any reaction.

  • I am sensitive to fragrances and antibacterial soaps. Some are so bad they eat the skin on my hands. We have used almost an entire 17oz bottle of you AZ Sungold soap and we both think it is perfect. We got rid of all other soaps in the house and are using only the AZ Sungold. We will definitely order more. Thank you so much for being there.

  • Haven't used it yet...it was a lot lighter in color than the last gallon I purchased. I'm assuming there can be variance in the color.

  • I did receive my order promptly. The soap is much better than before (smells better). I have been using one of the soaps as a shampoo, and it seems less drying than many other products I have tried.

  • Hi, My shopping experience was absolutely wonderful! I received my well-packed package very quickly. I LOVE the products. We are currently setting up an online store catering to fragrance-free products and I would really like to offer your products. Your's is truly odor-free. Very, very hard to find. I think I first ran across the name on the MCS website http://www.peggymunson.com/mcs/products.html/. By the way, you have done a great job getting your name out. I find links and references all the time, now that I've been researching for MCS friendly products.
    Thank you. Jennifer
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  • This soap is the mildest and most effective soap I have ever used. I absolutely love it. AZ Sungold soap exceeded my expectations. The product was delivered in a timely manner. I came across AZ Sungold soap while searching for organic liquid soaps without chemicals. Thanks for a great product!
    Sincerley, Lorayne

  • I received my soap promptly and I am happy with the product. I found it by searching online for fragrance free products.

  • I have already recommended it to my friends who are interested in chemical-free, earth-friendly products and I am sure I will order from you again in future. Thanks for the great service!

  • Yes, I am very satisfied with my order. I received it in a timely fashion and it does meet my expectations. The soap is very nice. I am still working on how to incorporate fragrance into it, but the texture and cleaning power is better than any other liquid soap I've used.

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  • Stuart, Yes, I received my order very quickly, all is well. I have used several other shampoo and conditioner products, all unscented, but not all that "natural". The other products left my hair clean, but required the conditioner. Also, most natural products have chamomile in them, which triggers my headaches. So I need a pure shampoo like your product. Your soap/shampoo seems to be working very well for me. A bit expensive, but I know it's a pure product, natural, and it works. I've noticed a slight residue, kind of like Ivory soap leaves, but my hair looks and feels clean. It also doesn't dry out my hair/scalp, so I don't really need to use conditioner. A little goes a long way with my short hair, so the one bottle will last several months. I would have to rate it the best shampoo I've used so far, natural, effective, doesn't dry out my hair/scalp, no perfume, no headaches, a little goes a long way. I look forward to purchasing more in the future. I found your website with Google. I don't remember how, but I think I saw a show on TV about goat's milk soap, found your natural soap, then the shampoo. Thanks for a great product,
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  • Hi, I received the order very promptly. Tried the shampoo but didnít like it. Your product is fine, just not what Iím looking for. Thanks for following up. Regards,

  • Yes, we received the shampoo in a timely fashion, very nicely packaged. It seems to be very nice, and completely unscented, although it did not work particularly well on my teenage daughter's hair. We were pleased with your service and would recommend you to others of our acquaintance that struggle with fragrance sensitivities. I found you by Googling "fragrance free shampoo." Thank you,

  • Yes, I received the soap in a timely fashion. I have used the level H but not the laundry soap yet. The level H is ok, but I still had sores on my scalp, so I am using selsun blue first and then the level H. So far, so good. Stuart and I are members of CIS discusssion group where he advertises his soaps.

  • Hello Stuart - I love Level H Liquid Soap. The first use made a noticeable difference in my hair, scalp and skin. After having used it as a shampoo for just two weeks, my hair is silky, shiny and full of body -- in a word, healthy. No more itchy scalp and no more hair dulled and weighed down by heavy conditioners. Level H has replaced 5 shower products in our home -- my shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and my husband's shampoo and body wash. Level H makes a wonderful body wash with great lathering action -- and itchy, flaky skin is a thing of the past, with little to no need for after-shower body moisturizing. As I get older, my always-sensitive skin has gotten even more sensitive and my sensitivity to artificial scents has also increased. I was so glad to find your "Soap that is purely soap." I am comfortable in my own skin and scalp again. We will definitely be purchasing more, and I have recommended Level H to several family members. Thank you for a great product.

  • Hell, Yes! I did receive my order very fast; I love the product-especially the Level H and I will be re-ordering. I was so pleased to find a non coconut based soap that I could use for a shampoo and a bar soap for bathing. The Level H cleans my hair very well and leaves it very manageable. Don't change it! It truly exceeded my expectations. I found you via a Google search. Thank You,

  • thank you, i did receive my order. i ordered the shampoo. i tried it a few times and found that it made my hair feel very heavy. unfortunately, i have stopped using it. i had to go back to my other soap shampoo.

  • Yes, we received our order on time. Nicely packaged, nice shampoo. A little oily for my daughter's hair, but successful in terms of no fragrances for her to be allergic to. I found AZ Sungold by googling fragrance free shampoos. Your website was very helpful, and I'm glad to know you exist!

  • Yes, yes and yes. I learned about AZ Sungold Soap from a blog about people with chemical sensitivities. Because of contact dermatitis I can only use a handful of soap products and this is one of them. Thanks
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  • The shampoo worked great - I just used it today. No more itching or reactions. I found out about the soap searching the Internet. Not much out there that doesn't contain coconut or glycerin. Thanks much!

  • It was recieved timely. Love the shampoo. We are chemically sensitive and it is great.

  • I recieved the soap very quickly. I was thrilled to find something with now presevatives and parfume. Not an easy thing to do. I use the shampoo type at this time. I would like to try the laundry soap at a later date. Do you offer a sample of that product? I can not afford to buy a large bottle and then not like it. I found you on the internet. I was looking for shampoo that I could use without side effects. Thank You. I will reorder.

  • Hi, Thank you for asking. Yes, I did I receive my order in a very timely fashion. From time of order till arrival, I believe it is the quickest order I have received from anyone. The product was in good condition and met my expectations. I think I first learned of you from an ESI or IMMUNE site.

  • Everything was received okay. Received in a timely manner. Searched for what I thought would be the best soap on line, and selected yours. Did I buy the best available from you? The product has been great so far. Have been using it for both shampoo, and body wash, using different essential oils. Can you recommend a essential oil to soap ratio? Thanks for checking.

  • Hi, i got my order quite soon. it was very nice, met expectations; my severe chemical sensitivities once again trumped me, and the soap made me quite sick. but it works very nicely, no soap scum that i could see or feel. i found AZ Sungold on the internet, and also saw ads in Our Toxic Times i think. thanks

  • Thanks for making a shampoo that works without fragrances and other chemicals!
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  • I learned about your product through the web. I was looking for a non-toxic soap with no perfumes. Your product is great for people with MCS and I would recommend you get in touch with companies that sell to people who are chemically sensitive and advertise with them. N.E.E.D.S. The living source Gaiam and others. Sincerely,

  • Yes, I did and will be ordering again soon. Thank you so much for your great product!

  • Hello, thanks for the follow-up note. Your Level H Liquid Soap has been a God send for me. I have an allergy to all things coconut, so you can imagine that I have a very difficult time finding soaps and shampoo's that don't have some type of coconut oil in them. My Internet search efforts have finally paid off; your soap has not caused me any allergic reactio the lather, and the price considering has far just a little bit goes. And yes, I received the soap in a timely fashion. Thanks again, you have a new customer.
    Modesto, CA

  • Hello. Everything was excellent. The soap arrived in 3-4 days, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. A bit pricey, but well worth it. I have no doubt I will be back for more when I run out. And I found out about Sungold searching for natural, unscented shampoo. Thank you very much.

  • I LOVE your products!!!!!! They are about the only shampoo, soaps and body lotion I can use since I am allergic to coconut derived additives which are in everything. I don't itch anymore. Thank you so much for making such great products. They also are delivered in a timely manner which is appreciated. I am one VERY satisfied customer.

  • Did you receive your order in a timely fashion? Yes. Did the product meet your expectations? (This request is sent out following all new purchases made in a particular month.) I seem to be able to tolerate it. I am very sensitive and having trouble with nealy all cleaners including baking soda. How did you first learn about AZ Sungold Soap? I saw the link in an email signature of a member on the CIS yahoo group

  • Thank you SOOOO much for making such great soaps!!! I have had problems with contact dermatitis for over 2 years on my neck and scalp and nothing I tried worked until I used your soap and shampoo base. I am itch free at last and loving it! I'm going to tell everyone about you guys.
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  • I actually ordered a bottle of your shampoo about this time last year, and it lasted just about a whole year. I like it quite a bit, as I don't use scented products whenever possible. I originally found your company by searching online for unscented shampoo.

  • Stuart- Yes, the order arrived in a timely fashion. Yes, I like the products I ordered, and I will be ordering them again. I found AZ Sungold on a google search for "fragrance-free shampoo". Thank you,

  • Did you receive your order in a timely fashion? yes Did the product meet your expectations? (This request is sent out following all new purchases made in a particular month.) very happy with the product, I am using it regularly How did you first learn about AZ Sungold Soap? Talk of the town

  • Yes, I received the product in a timely manner. The product took some getting used to a first. But after several shampooings I liked the results better. It was ok. Thanks,

  • Great product (shampoo)!

  • Yes, I am very please with my AZ Sungold soap products! Thanks for the follow up.
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  • Sungold knows the truth: that good-quality ingredients don't need their scents masked by fragrance. :^)

  • It's a great product (shampoo), and as soon as I finish about my old brand, I plan on buying a gallon.

  • Many Many thanks, I love you soap. I has extreme chemical sensitivities and I use your unscented bar soap as a shampoo as well as a body soap. I have spent a year trying to find a soap that did not cause breathing difficulties for me. I can't even put into words how grateful I am. A forever customer.

  • Hello! Yes, our order arrived quickly and we are very happy! Thanks,

  • Yes to both. I'm enjoying my soap, which I'm using primarily as a shampoo.
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  • Hi, I received your product within days of ordering it. Your product is the absolute quickest that I have EVER received anything! It is a pleasure doing business with you. I am still using the old product, so I haven't used the new one yet. Thank You,


  • Everything was great. I'll be ordering more very soon. Thanks for your help and your wonderful products.

  • Hi, Stuart! :^) The soap arrived today--it smells nice and pure. Just exactly what I need for my sensitive scalp. :^) Customs caused the delay by opening the parcel {obviously not AZ Sungold's fault--you guys had the soap in the mail June 14}, but at least it finally got here! :^) Thank you so much!!! :^) I'm so glad that your company makes soap without all that ridiculous fragrance in it. The way I look at it, if quality ingredients are used, you don't need fragrance to hide anything. :^) Warmest regards,

  • Yes, everything arrived promptly and in order. I'm pleased with the product, and intend to buy more soon.
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  • Thanks again for a great product! The whole family is now using it, including the teenager. Eczema's better and hair's clean!

  • Everything was great.

  • yes to all. thanks! one happy customer

  • Dear AZ Sungold Soap, Yes everything was great! Thanks for asking and following up.

  • The product arrive on time. I love it. I now use only your product. It works great. I no longer need body lotions afterwards. I have replaced 5 product by just using yours. Thank you

  • Yes, the shampoo/body-wash arrived much sooner than I had expected. Thank you for your promptness. I started using it immediately. I found a push-and-pour-lid that fit the small bottle so I can use it more conveniently. Y ou might consider adding that to every bottle. I am still on the first of the 2 small bottles since it is so concentrated; I like that.

  • Thank you for providing such wonderful soap/shampoo! We received our order on time and are delighted with your products!
    Andrew and Linda
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  • I'm happy with both the timeliness of delivery and the product. I figured out that to keep the soap from clogging the pump dispenser I use at my bathroom sink, I have to dilute it by about 3 to 1 (soap to water). I use a plastic bottle in the shower, and I like to use it full strength there, so I keep a round toothpick handy to push out the blockage when it clogs up.

  • Yes, I did receive my order in a timely fashion and I use the soap on a daily basis (and plan to do so for a long while). I am very satisfied with your soap.

  • Hello! Yes we received the order and are using the soap as our son's shampoo. It is working well and we will likely order more product when our bottle runs out! Thanks for the follow-up, hope you have a nice day!

  • Yes, I did receive in a timely manner. I really like the products. Thanks for your follow up, I appreciate it.

  • Hi, I received your sample kit of bar soap & liquid H. The liquid seems to make a great shampoo. Question- Is the shampoo mild enough to use every day or is less frequent use recommended? Is it a mild shampoo or somewhat harsh? So far I like your products! I received your shipment in a reasonable length of time. Thanks,
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  • Order came right away. Thanks for the follow up. I really love the AZ Sungold product. ts to hard to find any shampoo at all w/o coconut by products in them. Your product is great. Thank you

  • Hi Stuart, You're a genius! I love the shampoo (haven't tried the soap yet). Unlike the other unscented shampoos I've tried, it foams great. How much will it cost? Thanks very much for the sample. Glad you made it to the party.

  • Bless you for your attention and integrity!

  • Hi Stuart, You're a genius! I love the shampoo.

  • Hello. I received the order in a timely fashion. I love the soap and gave some as a gift to my brother who said it's the best soap he ever used and might order some. I am still stuck as to the best way to wash my hands in a public washroom or at other people's houses since I can literally head a migraine or headache from the residual perfume smell on my hands. Thanks so much for making such an awesome product. I really enjoy using your soap!
    Sincerely, Joy
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  • I was wondering whether AZ Sungold issues stock in the company and, if so, where on the Net I could find s stockholders' report (reflecting rate of growth, etc). I think your product is great, and I sure hope that your company keeps growing . Yours is the only soap that I have been able to tolerate, and I have looked literally YEARS to find one that 'fits the bill' (in the future, it would be neat if you could get into simple moisturizers, etc) ( I wonder if a good portion of your customers are older - rather than teenagers - since chemical sensitivity often occurs in conjunction with autoimmune conditions, which seem to increase in incidence as one ages. Therefore, there might be a need for a moisturizer - for those of us with aging or non-oily skin - in your current client base) I can understand how it might take a long time to finetune a formula. I think I am understanding you to say, that each batch might fluctuate a little from batch to batch - so when I order in the future, it is possible that the soap might have slightly different characterisitics than an order I would have received previously? Maybe due to slightly more, or slightly less, of a certain ingredient?) I look forward to receiving another bottle of Liquid H when available. Your integrity is very much appreciated.

  • Hi Stuart, Yes, yes and yes! The shampoo I ordered exceeded my expectations. It is of a generous size, the rash on the back of my neck is lessening and it makes my hair smell so clean. I went online to see if you have a catalog of other products.
    Thanks, Enid

  • The bottle cap on the soap clogs and the tin for the lip Shea is awkward The products themselves are good Ė just hard to use. Thanks-

  • I'm very happy with the Level H soap, and plan to order more when I need it. One minor complaint is that the hole in the spout of the sample bottle gets clogged up easily. I added a little water to thin out the soap so it can flow through. A bottle with a wider opening would be a good solution. Also, I'm not sure I like the idea that shipping is included in the price of your products. People who live relatively close to you have no advantage, and there are no savings in buying two gallons instead of one. Thanks for doing what you do.

    I didn't realize UPS offered a flat rate. Your soap is great stuff. By the way, I didn't like the bar soap as much. Other vegan bar soaps I've used are harder and larger, qualities I prefer.
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  • Order came right away. Thanks for the follow up. I really love the AZ Sungold product. Its to hard to find any shampoo at all w/o coconut by products in them. Your product is great. Thank you.

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  • Hi, yes I received my soap in a timely fashion and love it, which is why I continue to reorder. I first found out about you doing a Google search. Thanks!

  • All liquid laundry soap now comes with PCS ( Sodium Percarbonate) for added cleaning power.

  • Hi, yes I received my soap in a timely fashion and love it, which is why I continue to reorder. I first found out about you doing a Google search. Thanks!

  • Hi, thanks for the follow-up. Yes, I received the soap in a timely fashion. I am very happy with your products which is the reason I continue to order them.

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  • Yes, the order arrived very quickly and the soap works fine. I don't remember the specifics, but I first came across AZ Sungold Soap on the internet somehow.

  • Yes, my order arrived very quickly and the soap works fine. Thanks

  • Yes, I received the product in a timely fashion and everything was fine. I absolutely love your product. I use it for laundry stain removal, laundry soap, dish washing liquid, household cleaner, etc. It works better to remove stains and grease and grime that anything else Iíve used. Iíve even used it as a carpet cleaner. I havenít found anything that works better in so many applications. Thanks for such a great product!

  • Hi! Yes, I received your soap very promptly! I love your products. My husband thinks the liquid soap smells bad, but I don't smell ANYTHING. I love the laundry soap too! Thank you!

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  • Yes, yes! Thanks. The AZ Sungold is perfect. I am able to wash my daughter's clothes in it because it is the first product I have found that rinses out well enough and has no scent! She has extremely sensitive skin. Great stuff!!!

  • As always, your products are number 1. Sincerely,

  • Yeah, I got the order fast, and my clothes seem clean. I bought Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda to use with the laundry soap, and it seems to make it work well. Even better is White King Ultra Water Softener & Detergent Booster, which has the washing soda (sodium carbonate) plus sodium tripolyphosphates. (I remember learning in the 70's that tripoly can cause a water pollution problem, eutrophication, so I called the sewage treatment plant, and they said it's o.k.) Both packages say to use 1/2 cup, so I did.

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  • Happy to give feedback! I received my order extremely quickly! The hand/body lotion definitely meets my expectations for a healthy fragrance-free and paraben-free product. I first found AZ Sungold Soap from an on-line search for products that were scent-free and paraben-free, as I have multiple chemical sensitivities. Thanks very much,

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  • I LOVE your products!!!!!! They are about the only shampoo, soaps and body lotion I can use since I am allergic to coconut derived additives which are in everything. I don't itch anymore. Thank you so much for making such great products. They also are delivered in a timely manner which is appreciated. I am one VERY satisfied customer.

  • Sorry, itís taken me a few days to get back to you. Yup, everything arrived in a timely fashion and was great as I expected. The cream was a little runny when it got here, but I moved it into a glass jar and gave it a good shake up and itís fine now. Iíll be ordering some more lip balm probably next month.

  • Everything arrived in good time and was high quality as always. Thanx

  • My cream arrived yesterday. The consistency seems wonderful. Itís cold up here now though, so that might have something to do with it. In any case, Iím glad to have more. Thanx!

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  • Dear Stuart: I am late in responding, for which I apologize. My health is very poor. I learned about your company through the Share, Care and Prayer newsletter. My order arrived very quickly and was packaged beautifully. I tried the shea butter lip balm and reacted immediately (tongue swelled), so I guess I am allergic to shea butter, which is not a reflection on your product. I will give the lip balm and hand lotion to my mother to try. I am hoping I will be able to tolerate the bar and liquid soaps, and if not now, perhaps in the future if my immune system improves. Your products are very appealing! Kind regards,

  • Sorry, itís taken me a few days to get back to you. Yup, everything arrived in a timely fashion and was great as I expected. The cream was a little runny when it got here, but I moved it into a glass jar and gave it a good shake up and itís fine now. Iíll be ordering some more lip balm probably next month.

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  • I LOVE your products!!!!!! They are about the only shampoo, soaps and body lotion I can use since I am allergic to coconut derived additives which are in everything. I don't itch anymore. Thank you so much for making such great products. They also are delivered in a timely manner which is appreciated. I am one VERY satisfied customer.

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  • I have been trying soaps for twenty years and your safflower soap is absolutely wonderful. I also love your lip balm. (I have severe EI and have a really hard time finding things that I can use.) Order was received in a timely fashion. I think I saw an ad in Our Toxic Times. I would very much like to be able to purchase your soap odds and ends. I hope that you get more in stock soon. Thanks,

  • Hi Stuart, The product was found using Google search engine and was received in a timely fashion. I like the purity of your product as I have a sensitivity issue and can't use many things on my lips.. The only flaw is the fact that is melts easily and makes a mess during application. It may be better in a small container that allows for finger application rather than the traditional lip balm tube. Thanks for asking.

  • That's the best lip balm any of us have tried. Your last shipment arrived on the same day that relatives came to visit. They all loved it, and everyone wanted one. Now I need more lip balm

  • I did receive my order in a timely fashion. It did meet my expectations. I first learned about AZ Sungold Soap from a google search for unscented chapstick (I believe that is how I searched for it). Thanks for checking,

  • hey stuart, I did get it in my mail box today, thank you again so much!!!! I suffer from contact dermatitis really bad. It seems that everything otc has some kind of chemical or additive in it that sets my lips off and gets bright red and starts a reaction with my lips. Just wanted to let you know that your shea butter seems to work amazing as it has no fragrance or sun blocking benzones or chemicals in it. Can't believe it hasnt caused a reaction. I read somewhere that shea butter has been known to cause a reaction to those with a "latex" allergy. Most reactions will occur within 72 hours but as of now, I am reaction free and my peeling wind burned lips of northern Minnesota are thanking you for your shea butter and I just ordered more!!!!! thank you again, sincerely,

  • That's the best lip balm any of us have tried. Your last shipment arrived on the same day that relatives came to visit. They all loved it, and everyone wanted one. Now I need more lip balm

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