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AzSunGoldSoaps Formerly Sungoldsoaps
  • We are the unscented soap specialists.
  • Since 2001 making Cold Process,
    Unscented and Fragrence free Soaps:
  • Gentle Safflower Bar Soap
  • Pure Sudsy Shampoos
  • Gentle Hand/body Liquid Soaps
  • Shea Butter Lotions & Bars
  • Using No animal Fats No Chemicals
  • With Easy Secure Shopping and
  • All Prices include Shipping
Our NATURAL soaps are all fragrance free and are literally pure soap with no fillers, no animal fats, no strange chemicals, no coconut oil, nothing else added, simply saponified vegetable oils.

Other soap brands, especially mass produced and imported Big Box soaps use animal fats and lard from butchered animals, adding strange chemicals, coloring, and scents to mask the chemicals odors. They can cause various skin irratations. More serious is when using those chemical laden soaps especially in hot showers, these chemicals can finely dispersed in the lather and air. They can enter the body through the lungs and skin via Absorption. and can potentially affect the body's immune system.

Then found on bestoflife.com: some have affects on testosterone: Other liquid soaps, body washes, and personal care products contain the antimicrobial triclosan, which animal studies suggest can lower levels of testosterone. Also, it's suggested we avoid plastic food containers that have bisphenol A (BPA)Ėa known endocrine disruptor.

Ultimate Safflower Soap
Bar Soap
Shea Butter Lotion
Pure SeaButter Block
16oz Unscented
3 Liquid Soaps
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Recent Customer's Comments

On Jock Itch Relief, Bob wrote: With little help from off the shelf products, I tried your lotion and got instant relief. After three weeks use, your Shea lotion is still working down there. Spread the word!

Rhonda, wrote
Received the 3-pack of lotions today. Just wanted to say thank you for shipping it so quickly. It is THE best lotion ever!!

Nancy wrote:
I LOVE your shampoo Ė Iím allergic to ALL others Iíve ever tried. Iíve recommended it on the seriously allergic people site I belong to (Planet Thrive). I will DEFINITELY order again when my bottle runs out.

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All Natural
Fragrance Free Hair Spray
Now Foil Wrapped Bar Soap!

Our Ultimate Bar Soap Gift Boxes

We also have pure unscented Shea Butter added to our product line. Shea butter has been gaining notoriety, and in the Jan-Feb 2011 WebMd Magazine page 101, and in several articles since, Sheabutter was listed as a skin treatment.

Now in our 16th year, our primary product is still Ultimate Safflower bar soap. It is the ultimate in high lather, low odor soap and has truly attained a neutral scent! The diminished aroma this soap has attained is unsurpassed, and its simplicity is transcendent. We use only two premium vegetable oils in our soap (Non-GMO Safflower and Palm Kernel Oils (which is extracted using natural heat without any use of chemical solvents). Palm Kernel Oil is derived from a tree that is not just a different species of tree from the Coconut Palm, but it is actually a different genus of plant: Elaeis is the genus (as compared to the Coconut Palm where Cocos is the genus).

. (Safflower oil is made from the seeds of the Safflower plant. Click here to see a picture and to learn more about the Safflower plant.)

Fragrance Free Liquid Soaps
Our 136oz oversized bottles are 8oz more than the competition's 128oz gallon.
Liquid Soaps

Liquid Soaps
Liquid Soaps Are
Available in Pump Bottles
[Mild Body Soap] - Our first liquid soap, is a natural fragrance-free hand soap and/or body soap, cleans gently without drying chemicals. It leaves skin clean, but soft.

[Hi Suds Shampoo] -Our second liquid soap, unscented shampoo, we adjusted the formulation by adding third natural oil. It increases the lather, rinses clean and leaves hear silky smooth and clean. It's our premium level "H" natural and fragrance-free shampoo. Thereís nothing better than breathing sexy clean hair.

[Laundry] - Our third liquid soap, a natural fragrance-free laundry soap, is formulated to be low sudsy, that cleans more gently than detergents

Customer's Frequently Asked Questions
AZ SungoldSoaps never contain essential oils, food, gluten, soy, corn, or any derivatives of soy or corn, no preservatives. There are NO flowing agents, phosphates, colorings, parabens, synthetics, fat derivatives and no pH adjusters are utilized. That's why all our products are Always Fragrance and Perfume Free. No ingredients are used with the intent to scent or color.

What little aroma or color in our soap is naturally occurring and is incidental.

Moreover, our unscented soap will never experience cross contamination. Because we produce only unscented, fragrance-free soap, unlike other soap companies, our products have no risk of any unscented soap being cross contaminated with any scented products. Finally, all our products are environmentally friendly, "green", and biodegradable.
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