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Shea Butter Arrives as a Foil Wrapped Block
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White, OdorLess Refined Shea Butter Block
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This is the Natrual Shea,
It's Darker and has a Nutty Aroma Click to Order
White, OdorLess Refined Shea Butter Block
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White, OdorLess Refined Shea Butter Block
Put in clean Jar for daily use. Reseal Remainder

AzSungoldSoaps has done it again. We now Carry both Unrefined and Refined Shea butter. Unrefiled Shea is darker and has a Nutty aroma While our best selling Refined Shea is "White" has no Aroma. Since the Jan-Feb 2011 WebMd Magazine page 101, Shea has been gaining popularity. Shea butter was listed as a skin treatment. AzSungoldsoaps has been selling Shea Butter 1lb blocks and in Skin Lotions and as a lip balm product.

In the "WebMd" article Shea Butter is mentioned as an option to moisturize skin, specifically in the hands and feet. It suggests using it in the evening before going to bed which allows Shea butter to do its work while you sleep. After washing and sloughing off any dry skin, apply liberally over entire area especially between fingers and toes and on nail cuticles. Then cover with gloves and socks to further enhance penetration. By the next morning the Shea Butter has penetrated leaving no greasy feeling.

Now AzSungoldSoaps is able to offer both Unrefined and Refined Odorless Shea Butter in 1 and 2 pound blocks and for those with chemical sensitivities, this super hypoallergenic product is most definitely helpful when applied directly to the skin. Although the pure refined Shea Butter is heaver/thicker and feels more greasy than our shea lotion, this greasy feeling dissipates within minutes of applying and is absorbed by the skin. In our product testing it's moisturizing properties last for many hours...sometimes even for days, after one application. What is fascinating about our Shea Butter is that it has properties of both oil and wax but unlike most store-bought lotions which unfortunately are created using synthetic emulsifiers and perfumes, our Shea Butter is 100% pure.

Our Shea Lotion has also been used to relieve "JOCK Itch."

Shea Butter is a Environmentally friendly; Biodegradable; "Green product."

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