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Our UnScented Sudzy Shampoo

Ingredients: Saponified Safflower, Palm Kernel and Caster Oils
Simple Single Pricing

9oz Pump Bottle
17oz w Pump
17oz hand
3-17oz Pump Bottles

1-35oz Shampoo with Pump

1-136oz with Pump
357 w pump
One-136oz Shampoo with No Pump
137 no pump
2-136oz with No Pump(s)
137 no pump 137 no pump
1-17lb Bag WITH OUT Spout
This Soap Bag Will NOT Have Spout/Tap
1-17lb Bag with Spout
Pictured Bag TAP Over Sink Edge
Note: All liquid measurements are by weight. Some variation in viscosity may occur.
Also, one 136 oz jug of Level H (including shipping) is equivalent to paying $4.78 (before tax) for a 12-ounce bottle of store-bought shampoo

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