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3 gold

Now our hand cut bar soap is available as hand wrapped in foil. This allows for longer term storage. But, it's still advisable to store in a fairly dry area, away from excess humidity.
Our Ultimate Safflower bar soap,is now available in 3, 4, 6, and 12 bar yellow foil wrapped, which permits longer storage, keeping bars fresh. They are still strictly made only with super hypoallergenic vegetable oils. AND still with NO animal products used, no additional ingredients added. This as always, is soap as pure as you can get AND is not a mass produced soap that use chemicals to harden their soap or scents to hide chemical smell.

This is our super premium bar soap. It is the ultimate in high lather, low odor soap. This Ultimate Safflower bar soap is both vegetarian and vegan. If you are vegetarian or vegan, rest assured that all our soap products accommodate both the vegetarian and the vegan.

Most customers use this bar soap in the shower with their free Soap Saver, in the built-in soap dish so when not being used it keeps, bar soap firm (dry). Our customers also use our soap to Shave face and ... other parts, and as a shampoo if their hard water (water with a lot of dissoved minerals) doesn't work well with our other Level H (shampoo).

OUR Soap IS:


Problems with Mass Produced Commercial Soap?
A Potential Cancer Connection?

When taking hot showers, during the lathering process, Various soap and shampoo ingredients become airborne and circulate throughout the bath area. These finely dispersed ingredients can enter the body through the lungs and skin via Absorbtion.
Synthetic/semi-synthetic ingredients such as Sodium/Ammonium Lauryl/Laureth/Myreth Sulfate can enter the body during and/or after the lathering process. Opting for a whole, natural soap product, AZ Sungold Soaps believes, is a wise and healthy choice. Make sure your soap products are made from whole oils and contain no synthetics or chemicals you can't read or pronounce..

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