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Soap that is purely soap.

Laundry Soap Available in 34 oz, 136oz bottles and 17 lb Plastic Bags

Sungold Soap now offers natural liquid Laundry Soap consisting of saponified vegetable oils only. There are no extra ingredients. This is NOT laundry detergent. Please see our FAQ on synthetic vs. natural soaps.

This unscented, fragrance-free laundry soap will clean clothes without any harsh detergents. Many detergents can be irritating to the skin and/or outgas harmful fumes from the washed clothes. Although synthetic laundry detergents have superior abilities to clean and rinse, natural laundry soaps can also clean clothes. And the benefits of using a natural product, we believe, far outweigh any shortcomings of natural laundry soap with respect to synthetic detergents. For optimal, low odor results do not dry clothes in a dryer...but instead hang out on a laundry line to dry.

Do not allow to freeze. Best stored between 40-90 degrees F.
It is extra important to avoid packing the washing machine too tightly. This may result in some soap residue showing up on darker clothes or certain types of fabric. To help avoid this, simply add soap first, then allow water to thoroughly mix with soap before adding clothes. If soap residue appears after laundering and drying, simply brush with a damp sponge or paper towel...etc. Also, for tougher areas, soak garment in a bucket of a water/laundry soap mix for 1-7 days (prior to washing). One more thing, try not to mix extra thick clothing like sweaters and sweatshirts in with regular clothes of common thickness in the same load. It is better to separate these extra thick clothes from clothes of average thickness. This will minimize the appearance of the aforementioned soap residue.

Directions: Depending on the load size, mix 6-14 ounces of laundry soap into washer. It will take a bit of experiementation to determine exactly how much soap to use (depending on the type of clothes being washed...etc, some variation should be expected). Please keep in mind that laundry soap is not as effective as laundry detergent. Also, whenever using any kind of natural soap to wash clothes, some yellowing is possible on white, cotton fabrics. Use of an oxygen bleach or hydrogen peroxide should counter this effect. This is why we now include at no extra charge a bottle of our "Oxi-Gold" oxygen bleach with every quart bottle purchased of our Laundry Soap. (or three bottles per jug...etc). Please see our FAQ section on OXYGEN BLEACH for more information and directions.

Additionally, this natural liquid Laundry Soap can also be used as a natural, fragrance-free garbage disposal cleaner! Or, use it to clean the floor. For use as a garbage disposal cleaner, simply pour 10-20 ounces slowly into garbage disposal while disposal is running. Repeat as neccessary. Some other qualities of our natural laundry soap are as follows:

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