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AzSungoldSoaps has one of the most simplest yet effective lotions: Our Shea Butter / Safflower lotion. A lotion with just two ingredients? We take our low odor Pure Shea Butter and simply combine it with our Safflower Oil. For those with chemical sensitivities, this super hypoallergenic lotion is most definitely a solution.

Our Shea Butter / Safflower lotion is concentrated,
a little goes a long way.

Although the Shea Butter lotion seems to go onto the skin a bit greasy, this greasy feeling soon dissipates. It seems to start being absorbed into the skin within five minutes and dries pretty well within 30 minutes. Many people say it's moisturizing properties last for many hours, sometimes even for days, after a single application.

Because our Shea Butter lotion is very dense, only small dabs are needed at a time Our Sea Butter lotion is a Environmentally friendly; Biodegradable; "Green product." It is a natural, unscented lotion.

What is so fascinating about Shea Butter is that it has properties of both oil and wax. Although, most other store-bought lotions(which unfortunately are created through the use of synthetic emulsifiers) our formulation does not.

Our lotion comes in squeeze tubes. The tubes can stand on their heads or just lay flat. Normally all that's needed is to simply work the lotion up from the bottom of the tube, as needed, using your thumbs. When lotion is running LOW simply place in a glass of warm or slightly hot water for a few seconds. It will settle to the cap end and can then be used when its temperature cools. After pushing the lotion up as far as it will go, flip open the cap and give the tube a good squeeze

Sometimes, the lotion does not flow as well as it should. This is a natural product with no flowing agents. One trick, though, to get out all of the shea butter lotion (if it gets too hard) is to simply cut the end off with a scissors. You can then access the rest of the lotion at the bottom of the tube. The tubes work better in higher ambient temperatures.

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