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Pruduct Name
Shea Lip Balm PushUps, Tins
and Lotion Tubes

Simple Single Pricing

3 Shea Lotion Lip Push-Ups
See Note*


3 Lip Pushups + 1 Shea Lotion
See Note*

3Push ups 1 lotion

Cost $27.99

3 (not 6) .25 Oz Tins

need 3 tin Pix
^ Tins


6 - .25 Oz Tins

^ Tins



5 (not 3) - 15 oz Pushups

See Note*


10 Shea Lip Push-Ups
See Note*

10 pushups

$20.99 (Cost $2.10 ea)

50: 15 oz Push Ups
See Note*

10 pushupsX 5


*IMPORTANT: These lip balm Push-Ups are 100% Shea Butter, we add NO chemecal hardners, and they are best in cold weather and may liquify at body temperature. Upon receiving your order, before opening lip balm containers, please stand the lip balms in an upright position while they adjust to room temperature. Otherwise Shea Butter may be still be too hard or soft from postal delivery temperatures. Then in warm temperatures it may be necessary to refrigerate. ****************
***Contact AZ Sungold Soaps for greater quantities.

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